2 Interesting Kickstarter Projects

Recently I finally decided to create a Kickstarter account to back up 2 projects that I discovered while browsing the website. My website is too small to help the 2 funding campaigns, nonetheless I want to share a few thoughts about the two projects.

The Frogs by Michael Wells

“The Frogs” is a point-and-click adventure that is loosely based on the comedy with the same name by Aristophanes. You can learn more about the game on the Kickstarter page. The game also has a demo on Steam.

I recently read “The Frogs” by Aristophanes. I probably found the project by typing “the frogs” into the Kickstarter search engine (after trying to search for “Aristophanes”). Nonetheless, I am happy that I found this project. I am probably attracted to the game due to it’s aesthetics, since I love realist art.

People interested in ancient Greek tragedy and comedy should keep an eye on the Athens Epidaurus Festival. Last year they had a live streaming of “The Frogs”.

Decades of PC Gaming by John Kavanagh

This is a funding campaign for the creation of a book about the history of PC gaming since 1981. You can find more details on the Kickstarter website.

I am not a video game player anymore (PC or otherwise), but I am interested in history. Video games are an important element of our civilization, and it’s good to know how things evolved over the years. Unfortunately, they are also an important control mechanism used by the elites (you can search videos of Yuval Noah Harari speaking about video games). Of course, this book will not focus on the “panem et cicenses” aspect of video games.

I believe that the author is also involved with the “Retro Format” and the “Eight Bit” magazines. The two magazines have the same website. You can download a few free PDF issues of the Eight Bit magazine in the Freebies section.

I also recommend this website, if you are interested in history of RPG’s. You can download for free the PDF version of their book (more than 600 pages).

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