My Favorite Songs About Liberty and Rebellion

If I were to make predictions, I would say that the future doesn’t look too bright. I see more centralization of power and curtailment of liberties and freedoms all over the planet. I would not be surprised if in the near future more countries introduce a social credit system like the one implemented in China.

Despite my somber predictions, I still try to keep my spirits high. Listening to inspiring music is one of the ways that helps me to keep hoping for the best. This is why I thought that maybe I should share my favorite songs that are related to freedom and rebellion.

Mugur, mugurel – the song of the Wallachian rebels (19th Century Wallachia)

The symphonic version by Tudor Gheorghe (2001)

“Mugur, mugurel” is a Romanian revolutionary song that appeared around the time of the Wallachian uprising of 1821. You can find the lyrics of the song here. In a future post I will try to do a more in-depth analysis of the lyrics.

It’s interesting to note that “Mugur, mugurel” is one of the songs that were used to create “Romanian Rhapsody No.1” by George Enescu (for more details see this link in Romanian) .

In my opinion, the most beautiful version of the song is the one made by Tudor Gheorghe for his album “Primăvara Simfonic” (2001). This version sounds better as a revolutionary song or hymn.

The nice thing about the song is that the lyrics can be applied universally. The lyrics are not tied to the context of the Wallachian uprising of 1821. I would say that the lyrics fit well with the situation in Europe, USA and many other countries.

Thourios by Rigas Feraios (1797)

This is a song based on the poem Thourios by Rigas Feraios. Riga Feraios is an important revolutionary figure that paved the way to the Greek War of Independence.

For a translation of a short version of the poem see this page. The most powerful verses of the poem are:

“Better live one hour in freedom
Than forty years in slavery and prison.”

The poem Thourios is actually much longer. You can find the entire poem and other political writings by Rigas Feraios here. In the longer version of Thourios, he urges people from the Ottoman Empire to fight against the Ottoman tyranny. Feraios actually dreamed of a pan-Balkan Federation (that included the territories of Wallachia and Moldova).

Liberta by Al Bano and Romina Power (1987)

You can find many translations of the song here. The song is like an anthem for the people that are fighting for their freedom:

Freedom, you made so many people cry
Without you, there’s so much solitude
Till living will have a purpose
I will live in order to have you.
Freedom, when a choir will rise
It will sing in order to have you.

I don’t know what inspired the creation of this song, but I think that it’s a very beautiful and inspiring song.

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