My Collection

On I have a small collection of scanned books or brochures. Right now I only have 7 uploads and they are in Romanian or English. For convenience I will embed the scanned materials on this page and maybe I will give a short description. The Dutch and Flemish Cabinet Galleries (National Gallery of Art… Continue reading My Collection

Lill’s method and the Philo Line for Right Angles

(Note: This is an article from 2016 that I posted on Hubpages. In this article I used Riaz’s way of illustrating Lill’s method. To become more familiar with Lill’s method I recommend going through the links provided in my Lill’s Method page. Also see my Papers page and my Lill’s method articles/posts. ) In this… Continue reading Lill’s method and the Philo Line for Right Angles

Things to Come: Special Drawing Rights, the Petrodollar and The New Economic System

(Note: This is an article that I wrote in 2018 on HubPages ) I believe that in the very near future the world will see some major global transitions. Many of the transitions discussed in this article already started. Right now, most of these transitions are in infancy and below the awareness level of most… Continue reading Things to Come: Special Drawing Rights, the Petrodollar and The New Economic System

Frégier’s Theorem and Frégier Points

Due to the properties of the Frégier point, Frégier’s theorem provides a practical means of constructing with straightedge and square the tangent to a conic at any point on the respective conic. Constructing a Frégier point is very easy and the procedure is the same for any type of conic section (parabola, hyperbola, ellipse or circle). Right… Continue reading Frégier’s Theorem and Frégier Points

Translating Mitelli’s Illustrated proverbs (Proverbi Figurati)

As a personal challenge I want to start a series of posts where I try to translate the “Proverbi Figurati” by Giuseppe Maria Mitelli (published in 1678). My Italian language skills are probably at the lower intermediate skills, so don’t expect too much from me (not to mention that this is 17th century Italian). After… Continue reading Translating Mitelli’s Illustrated proverbs (Proverbi Figurati)

Language Memes

I am continuing on my path towards memelordship with a few language memes. Language learning is a hobby of mine, so I tried to create a few memes related to language and language learning. I may update this post with relevant memes on language, philology etymology and other related topics. More than learning new languages… Continue reading Language Memes

Resources page update

I updated my resources page by adding a mythology and fables section. The section has a few links to various websites that have Aesop’s fables, Grimm’s stories, Andersen’s stories and various national fables or folk tales. Many of the links are multilingual, so they can also be useful to language learners. My love for fables… Continue reading Resources page update

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Muh Memes

Muses of Internet, who give glory through memes, come hither, inspire your faithful servant “ I’m not a memelord. In fact, this is my first attempt at creating memes. So forgive me if my memes are not of the highest quality. I created my memes on the imgflip website. This is the first website I… Continue reading Muh Memes

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