The Heptagon, Hyperbola and Lill’s Circle

The heptagon cannot be constructed with just a ruler and a compass. However, in this post I’ll show how you can construct the heptagon using a hyperbola and the Lill’s circle of a third degree polynomial. The heptagon construction is very similar in nature to my trisection construction that I presented in my “Trisection Hyperbolas… Continue reading The Heptagon, Hyperbola and Lill’s Circle

Language Memes

I am continuing on my path towards memelordship with a few language memes. Language learning is a hobby of mine, so I tried to create a few memes related to language and language learning. I may update this post with relevant memes on language, philology etymology and other related topics. More than learning new languages… Continue reading Language Memes

The New Website

I finally decided to turn my website in a WordPress blog. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the WordPress management system, so right now I am trying to learn the mechanics of WordPress. The original website was a math website. The new website will be a more general blog. Besides math, I will also try… Continue reading The New Website