My Favorite Zooniverse Projects

Zooniverse is probably the largest platform for citizen science projects. They have more than 2 million registered volunteers that contribute to various projects. In my experience, the platform is easy to use. All the projects have useful tutorials and field guides that you can always check. You can check the pdf booklet “Into the Zooniverse:Vol.… Continue reading My Favorite Zooniverse Projects

Language Learning and the Nature Method Institute

In this post I want to talk a little bit about the language learning textbooks developed by the Nature Method Institute (NMI). If you want to learn the story behind this defunct Danish company, go to this link. I am more interested in their “natural method” of teaching languages. The term “natural method” usually refers… Continue reading Language Learning and the Nature Method Institute

The New Website

I finally decided to turn my website in a WordPress blog. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the WordPress management system, so right now I am trying to learn the mechanics of WordPress. The original website was a math website. The new website will be a more general blog. Besides math, I will also try… Continue reading The New Website