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I updated my resources page by adding a mythology and fables section. The section has a few links to various websites that have Aesop’s fables, Grimm’s stories, Andersen’s stories and various national fables or folk tales. Many of the links are multilingual, so they can also be useful to language learners.

My love for fables and mythology

When I was very young, I was mostly interested in reading science and math books or magazines. The only fictional books I enjoyed, were books that contained fables.

I was introduced to the world of fables by a book called “Povești Fermecate Rusești”, which is Romanian for “Enchanted Russian Stories”. I was probably attracted to the book because it has beautiful illustrations. Many of the illustrations from the book were probably the illustrations made by Ivan Bilibin (or at least inspired by his style).

I also had another book that contained Chinese stories and stories from other countries. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the book. Most of my books remained at my home in Romania and I don’t know if I’ll get the chance to see them again (especially since there was a water flood incident that may have destroyed many of my books).

While I was in college in US, I started to read a lot of literature in my free time. This was the time when I started to read a lot of Greco-Roman literature. I don’t remember exactly, but my interest in Greco-Roman literature may have been started due to “THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES” by Manly P. Hall. Hall’s book discusses many topics like history, philosophy, mythology, alchemy, symbolism and many other topics. For better or worse, Hall’s book and lectures (I downloaded his lectures from the internet) sparked my interest in many subjects.

Right now, my interest in mythology and fables is also due to the fact that I believe that many fables and mythological stories contain astronomical symbolism. Brian R. Pellar wrote a few interesting papers on the subject that were published by Sino-Platonic Papers. I also talked about the connection between mythology and astronomy in my post about the number 40 and my post about the study of western symbolism.

Future updates

I will try to update the mythology section every time I find other useful online sources. My focus is mainly on European mythology and fairy tales, so I will try to find other useful links related to European mythology. However, I may add links related to Arabian Nights (or One Thousand and One Nights), Sumerian myths and ancient Egyptian mythology.

I may also put links or write a post about movies related to mythology, fables or folktales. Why should we read when we can watch the movie (just kidding).

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